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Story if my life... Go to work, come home and edit my customers photos😁😁 I LOVE IT!!! I enjoy bring families together and creating moments that will last a life time. Anybody can take a photo but the art behind editing to show expression is something I enjoy doing. I look forward to booking who ever reads this next.. I PROMISE YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

Its late at night and YES I'm still up...EDITINg🙄🤗 (mixed emotions...🤣) my client asked for a sneak preview, so I sent her a few shots and she responded "they look AWESOME!!!!😁😁 PROUD PHOTOGRAPHER RIGHT NOW🤩🎉

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So today I spoke with a client and we decided to do a holiday themed photoshoot at their home with their personal Christmas decorations. The client sent me photos of their decor annnnnnd "WE NEED MORE

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